“God instituted the Church to be His hands and feet here on earth.
There is no Plan B.”
                                                        – Matt Maher, Christian Music Artist

Flower City Outreach, founded in 2015, seeks to unite churches in service to both our local and global community, to bless others in the name of Jesus Christ and to develop hearts of servant leadership.  Flower City Outreach now operates Flower City Work Camp and is growing to create new ministry programs going forward.  Flower City Outreach is based in Fairport, NY.

Vision – To see the local Church fully mobilized into service, connecting with our neighbors across the region, to meet the practical needs that exist while proclaiming the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission – To utilize the gifts and experience God has raised up in His Church to bless the people of the City whom He loves.

There are three major components of “Outreach”:

  • Reaching out to local area churches to unite, motivate and provide greater opportunities in voluntary service for those currently in the Church
  • Reaching out into our local community to meet the practical needs of our neighbors, showing God’s love every step of the way
  • Reaching out beyond our local community to take all of the blessings God has given locally and to share it with the World

Flower City Outreach is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members from different church backgrounds and vocational expertise.  The Board exists to provide oversight, governance, and administrative leadership for Flower City Outreach and its ministries.